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Low Interest Rate
- Monthly Interest as low as 1%
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- Apply Online by fill in basic information.
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- Get approval in 1 hour upon submission.

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Personal Loan

Getting tired of your job and thinking to start your own business? Need money for your children's education fees? Facing difficulties to settle your credit card / house / car outstanding? Need money for holiday trip or improve the quality of your life? Desperate for cash to deal with urgent matters such as medical fees? If any of this sound familiar for you, you are at the right place and we ready to help.

Business Loan

Want to expand your business or tender new project? Need money for bulk purchase to reduce your cost? Client keep delaying payment, and you need immediate cash for your employee's salary? Want to exchange your post-dated cheque with cash? Our business loan is your perfect choice on solving your problem. We offer flexible payment plan to ease your financial needs.

Mortgage Loan

Need large amounts of cash urgently but do not have sufficient information? We can take your private property under your name, company assets and vehicles as collateral, and in return, we provide you with higher loan amount, lower interest rates and longer repayment period.