Loan for Blacklisted, CTOS, CCRIS

Low Interest Rate
- Monthly Interest as low as 1%
Quick & Easy
- Apply Online by fill in basic information.
Fast Approval
- Get approval in 1 hour upon submission.
Blacklisted/CCRIS/CTOS welcome to apply

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Apply now and our financial consultant will contact you to explain our loan packages suitable for your situation. All information received will be kept strictly confidential and we always respect your final decision whether to accept our service or not. NO private information such as address and IC will be asked before you decide to take our loan package.

Loan for Blacklisted, CTOS, CCRIS

We have helped those who facing problem to get approval of loan from the bank. Some of them are due to having high commitment, CCRIS, CTOS or had been blacklisted by bank.
Our loans help them to settle bank debt and clear their name out from the list of CCRIS and CTOS. With this, they were able to obtain loans from banks for the purpose of applying for long-term loans to buy property, car or business loans.
There are also our customers who are wise, used our loan to avoid their assets and homes being auctioned at low prices by the bank.
Want to find out how we can help you, please fill in the form now and our financial advisers will contact you to explain our loan packages and repayment scheme that suit your situation.

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